El Senvis: Some questions and answers

How did the El Senvis project come?

First there was El-Ammi (Elammi)), she wrote poems and songs, and occasionally recorded her poems in audio, using free music from various musicians for the background (Creative Commons licenses).
But she wanted to learn how to make music for poetry herself, because if you really want to do something, it must be completely of your own composition. when all the world was attacked by a pandemic, quarantine and self-isolation (from about April, 2020), I finally did it - started to learn how to make music.
Но I decided make not only background music for my poems, but also try to make own tracks, sometimes with a spoken word, sometimes with vocal. But I really didn't want to mix poems and tracks, so Elammi will remain for simple poems, and El Senvis for tracks.
I just write something that my soul desires, and just post it on the net.

What does the name El Senvis mean? Where did it come from?

This is just a kind of abbreviation for my name (the first two letters of Elena), the second word is formed from the Latin phrase "sensus veris" (the first three letters from the first word + the first and the last two letters from the second word), which means "the feeling of spring" .
Probably, I am in this - I try to "wake up" and fight off winter "hibernation" all the year. But if seriously, it just was (and is) my favorite status, which I sometimes write in some my accounts (and not only me as i see). I don't even know why it is more liked - whether this phrase most closely characterizes me, or I just love Latin expressions for a long time.

Project style / genre?

What for the genre... I don't want to get hung up on any one style. Definitely it will be EDM, a bit of HardStyle, a little bit of Hardcore, occasionally Trance, Witch House and Ambient. A kind of mix of hard creaking part and a soulful fairy tale or something... Maybe in a mix with "spoken word" instead of singing and sometimes sounding "like from the 90s". We'll see.
It will be a part of me, and I will share this part for sure.
Like it or not, is up to you.

Who writes music, poetry, voice, and everything for this project?

Only one person - me. My name is Elena.
I can't call myself a super-musician, because I'm still studying and getting to know the world of electronic music. But already at this stage, I want to share what is ultimately born, because this is a part of me.
I can call myself an experienced lyricist (songwriter), poet. I have been writing poetry in Russian since 1994, author's songs since 1996, I also wrote musical parodies.

Where to donate ?

You can buy any of my available tracks or simple listen them on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

How often do you release tracks?

Not as often as I would like. Probably the main reason for this is being busy outside of music, but I really want to do it more often.

Is there anything I can help you with?

I will be glad to any reposts, comments, likes or dislikes on YouTube or somewhere else. And I will be happy if you buy any of my tracks )))
Anyway thanks for everything!

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