Elammi: Some questions and answers

Why are you called Elammi (El-Ammi)?

The first two letters of my name (Elena) + Ammi. Friends called me that since childhood, also that was my nickname in first online game i played in 2005.

When did you start writing?

I first started writing poetry, I was 14 y.o.
Started trying to write own songs in 1996, practicing lyrics to order since 2008, have been writing musical parodies since 2012.

What are you writing about?

Initially, I wrote a lot about love and relationships.
Later I started writing about many other things. I do not have any specific theme, I can write probably about everything, most in russian language.

What language do you use?

Most of my poetry and other texts in russian language. Few of them in english.

Is there anything I can help you with?

I will be glad to any reposts, comments, likes or dislikes on YouTube or somewhere else. And I will be happy if you buy any of my tracks )))
Anyway thanks for everything!

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