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Мы все затерялись в виртуальной реальности,
мы живем по законам сети и мыслим цитатами...

Творческий мир
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One day...

We all fall in love sometimes. Find it by chance...
Добавлено:(27.05.2016 / 22:57)

New wave

I loved you so much Now I am just crying all the nights...
Добавлено:(03.05.2016 / 20:00)

Dance in the night

We have something to do on weekdays, We have something planned for tonight...
Добавлено:(15.04.2016 / 13:29)

Stop the war

In this war i'll die. I have lost my power and i pray...
Добавлено:(06.10.2015 / 03:38)

Whatever happens

We can change everything, You need only one desire...
Добавлено:(06.10.2015 / 03:35)

Thinking of you

I forget your phone and your eyes And all days when i close to you...
Добавлено:(06.10.2015 / 03:32)

You never know...

I'm going to follow you everywhere Like a little shadow of your imagination.
Добавлено:(06.10.2015 / 03:30)

Your games

I don't know if you're ready... I wanna surprise you.
Добавлено:(06.10.2015 / 03:26)

I Love You

Love... i'll be waiting for you tonight Now... i just want you, i just wanna be with you.
Добавлено:(06.10.2015 / 03:25)

We ll be together

Chains of light cover the town It looks like a beautiful place...
Добавлено:(06.10.2015 / 03:23)
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